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Learn More about Sanctuary Policies

The term "sanctuary" policy is a statement of intent, not a legal term or status. Such policies declare that a city or town opposes harassment and discrimination against immigrants regardless of status and seeks to protect immigrants’ rights. These policies also seek to ensure that all immigrants, documented and undocumented, feel safe communicating with law enforcement, city officials, healthcare providers, etc. It’s up to each individual city to define exactly what policies it will implement to accomplish this.

Studies show that cities with sanctuary policies are safer and more prosperous cities. Like most such cities, Salem's sanctuary policies do not violate federal law and do not put the city at risk of losing federal funding. 

Explore the resources below to learn about the implications of sanctuary policies for public safety and local economies; to read the text of the President's Executive Order on sanctuary jurisdictions; to see legal analyses of the Executive Order and its impacts; and to learn about the MA Supreme Judicial Court's decision blocking state and local police from holding immigrants for 48 hours without warrant at the request of federal authorities.

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