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Vote Yes for Innocent Children

Louise Swiniarski, Ph.D. Professor Emerita of Early Education and Global Education, Salem State University

Every city should be a sanctuary for children, wrote Plato, the wise philosopher of ancient Greece.  Salem should heed these words. As we consider our vote on the Sanctuary for Peace ordinance (Question 1), our greatest concern needs to be the innocent children of immigrant families who may face deportation. These Salem preschoolers, kindergarteners, elementary through high school children, and university students are all anxious about their futures—and they are bringing these anxieties to school, making it difficult for them to learn and grow into productive adults. 

Young children are fearful of being separated from their families—or of being returned themselves to countries they barely know. It is up to us, citizens of Salem, to protect these children and their families by joining with other communities throughout the Commonwealth in providing whatever reassurance we can. The Sanctuary Ordinance does just that.

Friends of Salem Sanctuary
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